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Kupukalau`ie`ie... Flourishing of the `ie`ie.

Our Mission… Perpetuate and share the classic dance style of Hula Master Aunty Maiki Aiu Lake. Her legacy inspired a generation to rethink what it means to be Hawaiian and led to a renaissance in cultural tradition, language, music and dance.


Our Namesake…The tenacious and adaptable ʻieʻie vine. Attaching itself to the host tree, it thrives high above the forest canopy. It symbolizes for us the enduring process of learning, the importance of preserving and sharing the lau—the knowledge—and the rewards of devotion and practice.


Our Approach… Hula expresses feeling, spirit, meaning and tradition. It involves the body, mind and heart. It is learned in an environment of sharing, cooperation, diligence, caring, mutual respect and joy.


Our Kuleana…The hālau is thus the center of many activities—for young and old, for our students and their ‘ohana, for the wider community. Our work embraces traditional and modern hula (kahiko and ʻauana) and related activities in language, song, cultural tradition and crafts.



Our halau is a 501(C)3 organization sponsored by The Dancers Group.
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